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How You Can Play A Lot of Instruments Easily

Has the thought of schools giving children recorders and not better instruments to 'see if' they're musically inclined kept you up at night? Same!

I like writing. I'm always quite busy. There isn't a schedule.

Interesting History

Kodak invented the digital camera!

Kodak, the company that progressed photography for over a century


Sector's Edge Handbook

Whether you're a casual, a blueberry or returning, I'm confident there'll be something in here for you!


I bought a Psion Revo

From repair to daily use - next update I'll be going into using TheOldNet's WiFi RS-232 Hayes modem!


Psion Revo Plus

Reviewing a Psion Revo Plus. Psion PDAs are saught after cult classics, used widely in enterprise across western Europe and in the home.